1. How to Organize Your Garage Like a Pro

    A little organization can help you make the most out of your garage! If you are like most people, your garage is probably so full of clutter that you have to maneuver around things in order to get to your vehicle. Our garages often become our storage spaces, but unfortunately, this can take away from your usable space. Luckily, our garage door service experts in Brighton are here to help. Our expe…Read More

  2. Tips for Storing Summer Tools Over the Winter

    Are your tools properly stored for the winter? You rely on your tools and outdoor gear all summer long, but when the cold comes, you need to find a safe place to store them. Taking proper care of your tools will ensure that, when the weather warms up again, they'll be ready to be used once again, but unfortunately, improper storage can damage your tools.  Luckily, Garage Door City is here to  he…Read More

  3. What Not to Store in Your Garage

    Many people use their garages as extra storage space, but you should know that garage storage isn't always ideal or safe.  Storing things in your garage may seem like your best option, but the fact of the matter is that some things can actually put you and your health at risk. At Garage Door City, we are dedicated to keeping your garage door working properly, but we also want to keep you safe. Th…Read More

  4. Security Tips for Your Garage

    Don't let your garage make your home an easy target If your garage is connected to your home, you need to make sure that it is secure. When it comes to home security, not many people give their garage a second thought, but if you aren't careful, a garage that isn't properly secured can be a huge weak point in your home's security. Luckily, our garage door service experts in Brighton are here to he…Read More

  5. Your Guide to Preparing Your Garage for Winter

    Winter will be here before you know it! The month of October has gone by quickly, and before we know what’s hit us, winter will be here too. Although many people take steps to prepare their lawns, their vehicles and their plumbing systems for winter, many people forget about winterizing their garage. It won’t take long to prepare your garage for winter, and it will really improve your …Read More

  6. Tips to Make Your Garage Greener

    Are you looking to save more energy? A great place to start is your garage! When it comes to saving energy, the garage is often the last thing people think of. It's obvious that you can turn down the air conditioning and unplug idling electronic devices, but did you know that you can actually lose a lot of energy through your garage? Attached garages are a common source for cooling and heating los…Read More

  7. How to Maintain Your Garage Door

    Have you been overlooking your garage door's maintenance needs?  If so, you are not alone. A recent study found that approximately 50% of respondents claim to have never done anything to maintain their garage door. Like all other mechanical devices, a garage door needs proper maintenance in order to function as it should. With an annual tune-up and inspection, you can avoid expensive repairs and …Read More

  8. Top Reasons to Install a New Garage Door

    If your garage door is getting older, and you are finding that you are constantly having to repair it, you may need to go ahead and get a new one. Even if your current garage door is in fairly good shape, a new garage door may still be a great idea. Your garage door is an important part of your home, and you might be surprised to learn that new garage doors actually come with many benefits. The fo…Read More

  9. Welcome to Garage Door City!

    No matter what garage door service you need in Brighton, Garage Door City has your back!  We are Garage Door City, and we are proud to be your go-to source for all things garage doors in Brighton. Whether you are looking to install a new garage door opener, you are in the market for a new garage door or you need garage door repair, you can rest assured that Garage Door City always has your back. …Read More