Garage Door City is proud to offer our customers some of the best products for their garages.  RaceDeck Flooring is no exception.  RaceDeck modular garage flooring is in its second decade of production right here in the United States, and only uses the highest quality materials.

With the ever changing ground here in Colorado your concrete floor with crack, sink, and heave over time.  The modular design of RaceDeck allows it to move with the concrete and hide those cracks.

With many color and design options to choose from the experts at Garage Door City can work with you to customize the look and functionality of your new floor. typically install your flooring in just a few hours with no toxic fumes.  Whats even better is you can put all your stuff back and drive on your new flooring the same day.

RaceDeck comes with a 15 Year limited warranty and is not affected by moisture and provides a slip resistant surface.  We even have self-draining options to take care of all the snowmelt from your vehicles.

RaceDeck has been Endorsed by and Recognized as the official flooring of names like “My Classic Car”, “FOOSE”, “Popular Mechanics”, and “MOTHERS” just to name a few.

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  • 15 Year limited warranty

  • Odorless installation—no toxic fumes

  • Installs in less than one day

  • Not affected by moisture

  • Slip resistant when wet

  • Available in self-draining design

  • Easily removed for use elsewhere

  • No shot blasting, acid washing, or surface prep required

  • No damage if foundation concrete cracks

  • Quick and easy to repair