Are you looking to prevent or repair:

Battery Acid Stains?
Oil Stains?

Do you want to beautify and protect all at the same time?
Don’t ruin your floor with cheap water based systems.

Here at Garage Door City we specialize in garage floor epoxy coatings.
Using only top quality products we aim to provide the finest service available.
Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Garage Door City is proud to offer our customers some of the best products for their garages. Our Epoxy Flooring is no exception. We partner with one of the best Epoxy companies in Denver to bring you the best, finished results.

There are many epoxy-flooring companies out there that will cut corners with their installations. This results in a product that will fade and chip within the first year. Why waste thousands to get a poorly finished product? Garage Door City makes sure your Epoxy is done right the first time and will last for years to come.

With the wrong epoxy system your floor can be subjected to damage from gasoline, acid, and chemical spills. Even simple household cleaners can cause major damage. Repairing this damage can cost you even more time and money.

Garage Door City provides a commercial grade seven-step process to get that show room finish and provide extreme chemical and abrasion resistance. Our epoxy system is easy to clean and will allow your floor to look like new for many years.

We start by grinding the concrete. This removes any anomalies in the concrete and provides the ideal surface for the epoxy to stick to. Then we apply two coats of base color to provide a deep color that will last. Then we add color flakes to give you the look you want. We follow that up with a clear coat to provide a perfectly smooth and flawless surface. Then we add two coats of wax to protect your new floor.

Garage Door City uses a Poly-Aspartic Epoxy which has proven to be UV stable and much more durable! Then we use a higher quality clear coat, which reduces the toxic fumes.

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