Although many people store things in their garages, there are some things that you should never store in your garage. 

Our garages have become storage, but you should know that not all things can be stored safely in your garage. At Garage Door City, we are proud to be Brighton’s premier source for garage door repair, but we don’t just stop there. Our experts are dedicated to keeping you safe, as well as keeping your garage door in good working order. That’s why, in our latest blog, we went over a few items that you should never store in your garage. Keep reading to learn more:

#4. Electronics

Do you have an old TV or DVD player sitting in your garage until you have time to donate it? If so, you should know that you are probably destroying those items by exposing them to the extreme temperatures in your garage. Instead of storing old electronics in your garage, store them inside somewhere safe.

#5. Photographs

Photographs contain many of our most precious memories, and it’s important to keep your memories protected by storing your photos somewhere safe. Extreme temperatures and moisture in your garages can irreversibly damage your old photographs. Instead of storing them in your garage, put them in a closet or somewhere else safe inside your home.

#6. Wooden Furniture

If you have extra wooden furniture that you currently aren’t using, your garage can seem like a good storage option, but you’d be better off storing it somewhere with climate control. Fluctuating temperatures and moisture levels can cause wooden furniture to contract and expand, which can really damage it.