Although maintenance is incredibly important for your garage door, it is often overlooked. 

No one wants to have to prematurely replace their garage door or pay for expensive repairs, and luckily, you can avoid many potential problems with a little preventative maintenance. If you haven’t already, check out our garage door repair specialist’s latest blog to learn about the first few things you should do to maintain your garage door. The following is the second part of our garage door maintenance guide:

Step #5. Check Balance

When your garage door is closed, pull the release cord to disengage the opener, then raise your door to waist level and slowly and carefully let it go again. If it starts to rise or lower, your garage door is out of balance and will require maintenance.

Step #6. Check Safety Reverse

When your garage door is open, place a piece of wood in the middle of the opening. Start closing the garage door. When the door comes in contact with the wood, it should start to reverse, and if it doesn’t, your garage door needs to be serviced.

Step #7. Check Photo Eyes

When your garage door is closed, use a dry, soft cloth to gently clean the photo eyes, then make sure that they are properly aligned. Open your garage door, and then press the button so it starts to close again. As it closes, wave an object in front of the photo eyes to break the beam. This should cause the garage door to start reversing, and if it doesn’t, you need your garage door serviced as soon as possible.

Is your garage door in need of service or preventative maintenance? Contact our repair specialists today!